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4. Correspondence

4.36 Parfait Burundi (3)

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4.36 Correspondence with Parfait Burundi (3)


5. Mail (from Parfait Burundi)

Dear Mr Preuss,

Thank you very much for answer. You assume right: I meant Jacob Lorber. I agree with you about what we should ask to the LORD. Not " Thoses Things" but spiritual things.

But concerning the catholic church, you say that one is wether christian wether catholic, not both of them. I don't agree with you and here is why:

1. Here is an excerpt of the catholic faith " For us men and for our salvation JESUS came down from heaven and by the Holy spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man. For ou sake he was curcified under Pontius Pilate, He suffered death and was buried, and rose again on the third day..." How can one affirm that and still be not a christian ?

2. The Lord Jesus says in GGJ 5, chap 9 : [GGJ.05_009,04] Rome shall stay for a long time the best abode for My teachings and My special grace, and this great imperial city shall reach an age in this world, like very few Egyptian cities will reach, though not as undamaged as Rome. Its outer enemies shall hardly ever harm this city; if it gets damaged, it will only be because of time and its few internal enemies! [GGJ.05_009,05] But unfortunately My teachings will subsequently pass into a type of idolization even in this ruling city; nevertheless My word and the best sense for the customs of life will be generally maintained within that. Jakob Lorber – The Great Gospel of John, vol. 5 - 17 - [GGJ.05_009,06] In later times the spirit of My teaching will mostly disappear there. People will chew on the outer crust and regard it as the spiritual bread of life; but with the right means I will lead them back onto the right path again and again! Even if they will have committed much harlotry and adultery, I will make them pure again at the right time! [GGJ.05_009,07] For the rest, however, it will stay a herald of love, humbleness and patience, which is why a lot will be condoned at all times, and the great of the world will rally to it and want to hear the words of their salvation from its mouth.

3. Bertha Dudde : BD0400 : "Living the mother church" : ...The biggest foolishness in life takes place when people withdraw from the church they belong to...

4. For many populations allover the world, if they know the Gospel today, it is mainly due to many catholic organisations who spread it. They took huge risks for that sake. Many of them died. In doing this, they had no other interest then making the saver known to human kind. There many examples of such people.

5. How many people of the one who know Christ would know Him today if the catholic church has not existed ?

6. If the catholic church stopped existing today, for how long could the faith in Christ be maintained in the world ?

Mr Preuss, understand me well, that not to say the catholic church is perfect but one must recognize what it has done in making the Savior be known. Of course there are many priests who are as described by JL GGJ 6, 150,24 but many catholic priests are sincere in making the vow of poverty. In fact the catholic church is the only one in that matter. It is uncommon to meet priests who make billions of dollars as a result of "preaching the word of GOD". If you see meet a person completely devoted to help poor or ill people, it will probably be a catholic believer ( You will seldon find a person like Mother Théresa of Calcutta or Father Damien, devoted to lepers until he died himself, in any other church).

In this world unfortunately, nothing can remain pure. It is a daily struggle of every one to follow JESUS.

I agree also with you on one point : it is not a matter of denomination, it is a matter of personal relation with our savior. What I believe is that if one is to be saved, it will not be because he is a catholic, a evangelist, a baptist etc.. it will be about the quality of Love he has of the LORD and of his neighbor. And that is possible in any denomination for those who love the LORD sincerely.

I sincerly appreciate emailing with you.

Sincere regards,

Parfait Burundi


6. Mail (to Parfait Burundi)

Dear Parfait Burundi,

That was nice receiving again a mail from you and you agreeing with my view about matters of faith.

You write about an excerpt of the Catholic faith. Now there are two items I want to point out.

The first is that that excerpt is not Scripture; it does not come from the Bible.

The second item is that almost all denominations have something like this and they might call it their creed. These creeds are man-made and try to describe what they think they should believe. The spiritual world is infinite and trying to describe it is basically impossible. We are at a certain point of growth and growth never stops. A creed is always something that wants to put God into a box. Jesus calls creeds the traditions of men, the traditions of elders. And then Jesus talks directly about the Catholics when he says that they are breaking the command of God for the sake of their traditions. Three examples are forbidding marriage and calling a man father and allowing to be called father.

These last two are already enough to claim that a Catholic cannot be a Christian because he directly does the opposite what Christ tells him. How can you convince somebody of being a Christian when you directly disobey his direct commandment?

Jesus also says that the Catholics nullify the word of God for the sake of their traditions. Their traditions count, the word of God was even been directly forbidden in the history of that church.

Now the main argument of your mail can be answered by referring to Matthew 23:2+3.

The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

This verse from the Bible handles the whole situation with the denominations. You can carry on listening to people who simply do not obey the word of God or you can get out and concentrate on paying attention to spirit alone. You might even join a genuine church, or even start one.

So it is not about leaving the church, but leaving the wrong church and joining the right one.

Just imagine when people like you would start real churches, what that would be compared to what the Great Whore Babylon, the Mother of Harlots, has done in the last 2000 years.

From the writings of Bertha Dudde it is well known that in the times of the end God will make use of the activities of Antichrist to further his, God’s, aims. Antichrist will help God in the job of separating the sheep from the goats. So God will have no problems making use of the man-made churches. There are plenty of people in denominations who earnestly are seeking God and they might find food there, because the clerics also bid them to observe God’s word.

But now there is a person in such a denomination who comes across writings like those from Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde. How can he remain there and why is he not getting out?

Already when one really reads the word of God as it is given in the Bible, it is basically impossible to remain a member of a denomination and carry on claiming to be an honest and credible person.

Now I want to show you why you will remain a carnal person as long as you remain a member of a denomination.

In my previous mail I referred to 1 Corinthians 3:1-4 which describes the difference between a carnal and spiritual Christian. Instead of you taking up this subject you completely ignored it and in your reply dealt with things like the traditions of men. You reacted the same way the scribes reacted when Jesus talked to them about spiritual things.

Antichrist appears as an angel of light and wants to be known as a Christian and so do the little Antichrists the so-called Christians go to on Sunday morning in church to listen to, but Jesus says that they do not do what they bid. When you do not clearly recognize them as little Antichrists then you also will not recognize the big one when he comes and he might even be already there and you will just follow him.

You say that it is not a matter of denomination, it is a matter of personal relation with our saviour. I agree with that. But there is no reason to not act in conformity with the word of God, particularly regarding the church. Why would you want to do most of the things you do in your church differently than the Bible shows us?

Just imagine the Christians would have carried on having church as the Book of Acts shows us and not as the Catholic Church with all their evil things like clergy and laity, the heathen things like sacraments, that the priests "make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments."

Take one aspect of the Catholic Church which you mentioned in your previous mail, that the Catholic Church does not know or encourage the reading of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde. Now the suppressing of the word of God has been the aim of that church right from the beginning, starting with its first recorded representative, Diotrephes. Jesus calls it shedding the blood of the prophets.

And when you identify yourself as a Catholic then you testify against yourself that you are the descendant of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up then, the measure of the sin of your fathers! That is Matthew 23:31.

The Catholic Church is, has always been and will be, an organization that murders the prophets.

And this is just, as I said already, one aspect of that church. The Catholic Church is the oldest, the biggest and the most terrible terror organization the world has. In the 2000 years of its existence it suppressed the true church and murdered its prophets.

You are reading Lorber and Dudde and therefore have access to the word of God as it is revealed in our time and therefore possess an extraordinary knowledge and you have no excuse to not follow the right way as shown in their writings and as shown in the Bible. Give me one reason why you want to carry on being a member of that organization.

It is not withdrawing from the church they belong to, it is joining the church they belong to, the real church. By you leaving the Catholic Church you become a member of the true fellowship of Jesus. As long as you still belong to that man-made organization you will be considered by the members of the body of Christ as a divider, as a person they have to stay away from.

So I think our discussions are quite fruitful and hope they will carry on.

All the best



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